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Server Features

infiSTAR anti-hack
4 hour restarts
vote day / night
Website stats
DMS missions system customized
VEMFr missions system customized
A3XAI system only vehicles patrols
Vehicle protection system
Time and weather system
Medical system
Exile paint shop expanded
Trader price customized
New trader menu
Dynamic trader system
Dynamic repair system
Dynamic menu
Custom buildings
Map buildings look damaged
Custom loot tables
Custom vehicle wrecks
Scavenge system
Wringing out your clothes
Fill sandbags on sand beaches
Scan communications data near radio or satelite towers
Custom sounds
Respect based loadouts
Expanded crafting system
Logistics system
Exile revive addon
Sell crate by wastedump script
Heli Crash script
Underwater crate script
Service point script
Vehicle spawn with inventory script
Halo and parachute script
Spawn select script
Base spawn script
Respect tier script
Custom loadout script
Kill messages script
Anti PVP script
Temperature stats update script
Rest at fire script
Wages script
Blowout (EVR storm) script
Hack comms tower script
Fishing script
Farming scripts
Vector building script
Teleport to shore script
Status bar (app)
Vehicle HP bars (app)
Attach chemlight (app)
Selfie (app)
Scratchies (app)
Hack comms tower (app)
Recipes book (app)
View distance (app)
Remote CCTV (app)
Deploy VIP quad (app)
Deploy bike (app)
Territory locator (app)
Server info (app)
Soft skills (app)
Player scan (app)
and much more